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Welcome to Swedish Lapland and the great subarctic wilderness surrounding the most northern town of Sweden, Kiruna.

Located 100 kilometers northwest of Kiruna is Abisko Guide, at the small village of Abisko. The village is situated next to the mighty lake Torne Träsk in the heart of the wilderness. Abisko is known for it´s National Park wich is one of the oldest in Europe, it´s scenic landscape and the start of many hikingtrails where the famous Kungsleden is one of them.

From the deep taiga forrest east of Kiruna up into the big mountains, lakes and open valleys, surroundning Abisko and down to the deep fjords and steep mountains of Narvik and norhern Norway.

We guide you through best adventures and take you to the most stunning places.

A unique place, 200 km north of the artic circle.

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