Tours and activities

Northernlight snowshoe walk

A walk into the wilderness around Abisko is a great way to experience the aurora. We start the tour with walking up into the sub arctic forest. During our hike we stop and learn about some of the unique nature in the area. After about 45 minutes we reach one of the best aurora watching places in Abisko, just in time for the best hour of aurora activety. While waiting for the northern light to appear we make a fire and talk about the aurora and how to improve your chances of seeing it.

Time: 21-23.30 Price: 625 SEK


Abisko Guide

Winter tours and activities



Aurora hunting tour

We travel by car to get where the current weather conditions will give the best opportunity to see the aurora. The journey can take us in any direction, to the east, toward the cold and dry climate of the inland or perhaps to the west, toward the costal regions of Norway. Within driving distance, climate and weather change dramatically, and with the local knowledge of our guides we can locate the best places for aurora watching each night.

Time 20:30 Duration aprox 3 hrs Price: 1100 SEK


Snowshoe hike

Walking with snowshoes is the best way to get out and experience the wilderness around Abisko. We visit some of the most beautiful and scenic places in the valley. Abisko is known for it´s rich wildlife and if we´re lucky we might get to see some of it, perhaps a wild moose or a ptarmigan.

Time: 9.30-12.30 Price: 600 SEK

Ice Climbing

Adrenaline and vertical ice. Abisko is a perfect place for trying out ice climbing. We start with fitting the equipment and then drive to one of our climbing areas. After an introduction on tecnique, you get to start climbing. It´s not only a fun and exciting activity, it also takes place in a breathtaking and beautiful place surrounded by frozen waterfalls in all shades of blue.

Take the opportunity to try it!

Time: 9.00-12.00 or 14.00-17.00 Price: 800 SEK


Ice fishing

Try fishing on one of the many frozen lakes in the Abisko surroundings. Ice fishing is a peaceful but yet exciting activity. While wating for the fish to strike we sit down and relax on some cosy reindeerfur and gaze at the wonderful arctic winter landscape. If we´re lucky we catch trout or arctic char.

Time: 9.30-12.00 price: 725 SEK


Abisko Nationalpark and Abisko Canyon

A shorter walk around the Abisko river canyon, one of the most scenic areas in Abisko.

The canyon is in the middle of Abisko Nationalpark and we get to see some the amazing nature thatthe nationalpark has to offer.

Time: 13.30-15 Price: 450 SEK

Custom tours

Do you want another day activity?

Or perhaps overnight tours, wilderness expeditions and outdoor courses.

Do you want to experience Swedish Lapland for real?

We can both offer customm made day trips, short overnight trips in a tent or cabin and longer expeditions where we get further into the wilderness. If you want to learn how to go out on your own, we can learn how to plan and carry out your own expedition.


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